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Free Trial version of deCMS (dead easy content management system)

About deCMS (first release 1/5/2013)

deCMS is a databaseless, XML based content management system that is database less, cross browser compatible and easy to use. It generates static, responsive HTML pages based on the content and is non technical and user friendly. The free trial comes with 2 templates which can be tweaked to provide a different look and feel. The configuration settings can be changed in the settings.xml file to personalise the demo.

This system is perfect as a tool for web designers and it is a complete CMS solution for small to medium sized businesses, sole operators and anyone who finds other CMS solutions too complex and difficult to use.

This is a fully functional CMS that generates HTML pages on the web server. It uses TinyMCE wysiwyg editor for the page content and has lots of built in features. The system is very portable and doesn't have the restrictions of WordPress regarding an SQL database.

The backend is written predominately in javascript which means that changes are very quick. In comparison, WordPress is very slow because it has to access data from a MySql database every time you make a change. deCMS is lightweight (the bulkiest part is TinyMCE). The admin programs are written in so the system needs to run on a web server with Windows OS.

This system has basic SEO built in so that you can add your own title, keywords and description to each page and choose whether the page is indexed or not. The rest is up to you - good content receives a good Google ranking.

deCMS has a sitemap.xml file generated automatically which can be included in your Webmaster tools setup.

There are many features inspired by WordPress plugins that are included in deCMS. For example, here are some sample pictures that provide a lightbox effect just by placing the pictures inside the tags [ liteboxstart ] and [ liteboxend ]:

Slide 1Slide 2

Slideshows are built in

The slideshow above is created by using tags around the images and is automatically generated by the program using jquery cycle. This slideshow also has onclick navigation with a caption automatically generated from the title attribute. All slideshows are configurable via the style sheet.

This slideshow is created by using tags around the images and is automatically generated by the program using jquery cycle and configurable via the style sheet:

This slideshow is also a jquery cycle slideshow with thumbnails automatically generated - configurable via the style sheet

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Contact us to download the free trial for a full functioning version limited to 3 pages.
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